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Culture and spirituality: Temple provides community for Cambodian Buddhists

By Amelia Brett

Thyda Freiberger slipped off her shoes with ease beside the door before entering her family’s temple. A short line of sandals sat next to hers on the front porch. Her black hair hung down her back in a long braid. After walking into the room, she bowed three times to pay respect in front of a large statue of Buddha. With rose red curtains tied back, sunlight reflected on ornamental golden leaves in front of decorative lotus flowers and a light pink box with the word “donation” painted on it in crimson letters. The Buddha’s face shone with closed eyes and a soft smile. The room was silent, except for the sound of Freiberger’s small daughter running around in socks and stopping to carefully pick up an incense stick.

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Refugees from Myanmar’s Chin State gather to worship in Bowling Green

By Amelia Brett

Long, colorful skirts skimmed the floor as women from Myanmar entered the church room with friends and families. A Chin language, “Hakha,” filled the pages of Bibles and hymn books and could be heard from rows of seats.

Evan Heichelbech Long Reads Profile

Splitting a Family: A Scientology Story

By Evan Heichelbech

Judging by the inside of Danni Peck’s apartment in Bowling Green, she’s a happy person. She even says she is.

Katie Zdunek News Politics Quick Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

National and local perspectives: the rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes

By Katie Zdunek

Rafey Wahlah, a Pakistani international student at Western Kentucky University, said he and his roommates found a note on the door of their apartment calling them a racial slur and telling them to go home.

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A Joyful Noise

By Bryson Keltner

In the outskirts of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, her house is surrounded by farmland. Her carport is painted red. A cement Tennessee Volunteer dog sits by the front door–it weighs more than her. That’s Ruth Kelly’s house.

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Bowling Green fire department accused of lacking diversity and acceptance

By Brittiny Moore

Jeff Queen stood silent as his fellow firemen debated their course of action concerning the unconscious man lying on the floor of his home. Another man who the firefighters suspected was the partner of the victim, hovered around the group anxiously, frantic about his partner who laid unconscious and unattended to.  According to a statement written by Queen, he and other members of the Bowling Green Fire Department had entered the home of the resident in response to a medical emergency call of a man suffering from heart complications. All of the responding firefighters were CPR trained, a life-saving technique, and after minutes of life threatening hesitance, Queen decided to step in.

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Hijab boutique is American dream

By Alexandria Clark

A small white building sits beside Hobby Town on Russellville Road. Inside, Emina Hotilovac sits in an elegant gray fringed chair. Her small boutique is filled with jewelry, clothing, and various pieces representing her Muslim culture. A large rack of clothing stands across from her small desk.

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Historic Bowling Green church transforming into restaurant

By Lindsay Whittington

Standing in front of his pulpit on Sunday, July 1, 2012, Pastor R.B. Adamson of Victory Baptist Church reminded his congregation that people said their church would never make it.

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How a traditional Tennessee church grew into a modern megachurch

By Tanner Cole

HIXSON, TENNESSEE — A golf cart unloads passengers from the far reaches of the parking lot onto the church steps. Greeters wielding pamphlets line the immediate interior. The high-ceilinged room is filling with members of the congregation.