Bosnian-owned event venue brings community together

People crowd into and around La Gala, a Bosnian-owned event venue in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on March 3 for a Marija Šerifovic concert. 

By Olivia Mohr

Screaming people crowded around a stage at La Gala for Serbian singer Marija Šerifovic’s concert held there the night of March 3. Purple, blue and green lights shone from the stage. Phone screens flashed as people held them up to record the music on stage, and people waved their hands in the air and jumped up and down.

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Diversity born from civil war: refugees from Myanmar in Bowling Green

By Amelia Brett

Lam Nu, 26, serves a plate of warm honey chicken on a chilly Wednesday afternoon as customers wander into Yangon Bistro on Morgantown Road. Nu takes a quick break and eases herself into a chair as she recalls her experiences before and after arriving in Bowling Green.

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