Bosnians in BG Erian Bradley Feature Quick Reads

A Taste of the United States

By Erian Bradley

Many families have come to America hoping to find better opportunities and a better life. Sefika Varajic, and her family were one of those families.

Feature Lillie Eastham Quick Reads

The Wild World of Waz

By Lillie Eastham

On most nights, Waz Blankenship, 62, can be found in his basement, surrounded by 10,000 of his favorite records and the painted faces of dead and tortured artists.

Casey McCarthy Feature Long Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

Kim Greene: Chasing Dreams

By Casey McCarthy

In the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, near Cherokee Park, down a tree-lined hilly lane, sits a beautiful two-story home where dreams are tended.  Up the steps, the client walks into a sea-foam green nook, the word DREAM in gold letters behind the tender.

Bosnians in BG Feature Michelle Hanks

The value of family

By Michelle Hanks

Traveling to America was nothing Senida Husi? had ever experienced as a 12-year-old.

Feature Long Reads Michelle Hanks

Life of mother and pub owner changed by drunk driving

By Michelle Hanks

Johnetta Pryor, 56, said it was a normal Friday evening for her at her bar, Johnetta’s Pub on Scottsville Road in Bowling Green, while she was waiting for her son.

2017 Senior Show Feature Long Reads Nicholas Wagner

For undocumented immigrant, traffic stop could be much more

By Nicholas Wagner

It was a typical Friday morning on April 7 for Diana Lopez, just another day driving her son, Donovan, to school in Nashville traffic. Lopez conversed with her son about his upcoming tests, while her short stature perked up to see over the hood of her friend’s car as she cut around backed-up traffic and into an opposing lane to proceed to the turn lane for Harding Place.

Erian Bradley Feature Quick Reads

Family Scholar Houses change single parents’ lives

By Erian Bradley

A 21-year-old college student is sitting on her couch in her apartment reading her accounting textbook

Feature Long Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

Love you forever: a mother survives after daughter’s suicide

By Srijita Chattopadhyay

It was a typical winter evening at the Hack household. Melanie Hack had just picked up her oldest daughter Reagan Harley Carter, 12, from a school basketball game. It was nearly half-past eight in the evening and Melanie was in the kitchen preparing supper. Everything seemed normal — perfect. Her youngest daughter, Zoey, 1, was fast asleep in the crib. Her step-daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Billy, had already left for their night shifts and her step-son Tyler was in the basement.

2017 Senior Show Allison J. Call Feature Long Reads

A Home for Judy

By Allison J. Call

In the middle of a cold Kentucky winter while most were trying to stay warm, Judy Cardwell stole a bag of ice from a Kroger in Bowling Green. Police officers apprehended Judy and charged her with petty theft, but she never served any time.

2017 Senior Show Feature Jodi Camp Long Reads

Bird Dog: A Local Legend in Hopkinsville

Story and Photos by Jodi Camp

Walking down Main Street in Hopkinsville, an average looking man on the sidewalk has people honking and waving at him from their cars or stopping to get out of their cars to talk to him.