2017 Senior Show Feature Nicholas Wagner

In Mostly Latino Neighborhood, Fears of Deportation Linger

By Nicholas Wagner

A Bowling Green Police Department squad car crosses the tracks into a neighborhood known as Little Mexico on Saturday, May 6, 2016, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Katie Zdunek News Politics Quick Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

National and local perspectives: the rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes

By Katie Zdunek

Rafey Wahlah, a Pakistani international student at Western Kentucky University, said he and his roommates found a note on the door of their apartment calling them a racial slur and telling them to go home.

Emily DeLetter News Quick Reads

Demand for IUDs increases as women fear losing healthcare

By Emily DeLetter

Sarah Dolen has tried other forms of birth control before, but none are as effective as her IUD. The device’s convenience was a no-brainer.

Casey McCarthy Long Reads News

PTSD Affects Veterans Long After Combat

By Casey McCarthy

(Photo courtesy of Jeff Reece) Jeff Reece pictured with his unit, Task Force 134, in Iraq while deployed in 2006.

When Jeff Reece first came home to Metcalfe County, Kentucky, after 11 months in Iraq, he thought everything would be the same.

Long Reads Tanner Cole

Kentucky’s Coal-Colored Climate Change Denial

By Tanner Cole

The sun is still rising, and the small front office of Trimble County High School is already crowded. There are 11 people standing in the building’s doorway, letting in the cool morning air. The Lady Raiders are the district and regional basketball champions, and now they’re shooting for the state title. These 11 folks are waiting to buy the last five available tickets to tomorrow’s basketball game, and some will be leaving unsatisfied. One woman reminds the office worker of all the times she volunteered to help with the cross-country team.

Nicole Ares Quick Reads

Legislators, activists push for statewide adoption of URLTA

By Nicole Ares

Hunter Boyd, an undergraduate student at Western Kentucky University, found his current apartment on Craigslist. After transferring from the University of Kentucky mid-semester, he felt lucky to find an apartment with a six-month lease in Bowling Green.

Jessica Voorhees Quick Reads

Unconventional candidate for governor promotes weed legalization

By Jessica Voorhees

Long white locks, nails painted black and white, and giant rock star sunglasses on a smiling, weathered face characterize an unconventional gubernatorial candidate with an unconventional name: Blackii Effing Whyte.