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“Baked” treats defy Kentucky law

By Erian Bradley

On one cold October night, she walks into her galley kitchen barefoot, scratching her head before switching on the light above the oven. She reaches into her light brown cabinet to grab her white hand mixer and a bowl to start her first batch for the night.

Kaitlyn Craft News Quick Reads

Marijuana a solution for Kentucky’s pension crisis?

By Kaitlyn Craft

For Heather Mendez, 38 of Glasgow, the pension crisis in Kentucky hits close to home with her brother being a teacher at Grapevine Elementary School in Madisonville, Kentucky.

Quick Reads Yasmine Sadrinia

Debating Marijuana in Kentucky

By Yasmine Sadrinia

In the lobby of a crowded doctors office, Lisa Howard, a 53-year-old waitress from Bardstown, is patiently awaiting her appointment with her eye doctor.

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Unconventional candidate for governor promotes weed legalization

By Jessica Voorhees

Long white locks, nails painted black and white, and giant rock star sunglasses on a smiling, weathered face characterize an unconventional gubernatorial candidate with an unconventional name: Blackii Effing Whyte.