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Burial trends change as Bowling Green cemeteries fill

Fairview Cemetery II is the only city-managed cemetery in Bowling Green where burial plots are available to purchase.

By Nicole Ziege

The evening sun creates golden hues over the tombstones in Fairview Cemetery II as it descends into the west. Soft high-pitched tones from wind chimes ring out throughout the cemetery. The stones are decorated with various kinds of flowers—one with two shiny wreaths on either side, another resting beneath a bouquet of blue and red roses, and a third with an artificial bouquet of yellow, red and purple colors lying upon it.

Feature Long Reads Place story Sille Veilmark Spring 2018 Senior Show

World’s largest cave system battling deadly bat disease

By Sille Veilmark

The rocky chamber in the world’s biggest cave system, Mammoth Cave, is dimly lit. The echoing chatter from 107 mouths dies out as the flock approaches a slim man with red beard. He is wearing a stiff park ranger hat, and the glue in his hiking shoes are not holding the sole together completely anymore. The air is cold, dry, and tastes slightly of stone. Visitors over the years have burned their names in the flat cave ceiling with torches, in a font that looks like a typewriter.

Long Reads Monica Kast Spring 2018 Senior Show

Rights for Rent

Bowling Green renters face risk of eviction, homelessness and unsafe housing conditions without legal protections

By Monica Kast

Bowling Green, Kentucky, is the third largest city in the state, home to a university, the only Corvette plant in the world and a high rate of people who rent housing instead of buying.

Feature Long Reads Profile Spring 2018 Senior Show Srijita Chattopadhyay

Rising from the ashes

By Srijita Chattopadhyay

The walls of faded blue were plastered with posters of bands and TV shows, from Panic at the Disco to Supernatural. The smell of rich sandalwood filled the air inside the room. A heap of colorful stuffed animals were piled in a corner. A small Zen fountain gurgled on a bookstand next to a blue-orange wristband that read “We are Marshall Strong.”

Feature Long Reads Michelle Hanks

Kentucky’s last abortion clinic

By Michelle Hanks

On the sidewalk of a four-lane, one-way street, a woman walks to EMW Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky for her appointment. It’s a Saturday morning in the fall and the sun is just about the peek through the almost leafless trees.

Feature Quick Reads Skyler Ballard

Growing Together

By Skyler Ballard

After long hours of working in the fields, Drew Snider stretches and hops down off his tractor and heads toward the barn. His wife, Laney, greets him with a wide smile and a handful of flowers to deliver to a customer’s car.

Bosnians in BG Feature Michelle Hanks

The value of family

By Michelle Hanks

Traveling to America was nothing Senida Husi? had ever experienced as a 12-year-old.

Quick Reads Yasmine Sadrinia

Debating Marijuana in Kentucky

By Yasmine Sadrinia

In the lobby of a crowded doctors office, Lisa Howard, a 53-year-old waitress from Bardstown, is patiently awaiting her appointment with her eye doctor.

Feature Long Reads Michelle Hanks

Life of mother and pub owner changed by drunk driving

By Michelle Hanks

Johnetta Pryor, 56, said it was a normal Friday evening for her at her bar, Johnetta’s Pub on Scottsville Road in Bowling Green, while she was waiting for her son.

2017 Senior Show Feature Nicholas Wagner

In Mostly Latino Neighborhood, Fears of Deportation Linger

By Nicholas Wagner

A Bowling Green Police Department squad car crosses the tracks into a neighborhood known as Little Mexico on Saturday, May 6, 2016, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.