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How I Met My Mother

By Katie Zdunek

My childhood was periodically sugar-free. Sporadic impulses led Mom to purge the house of junk food, disfiguring the pantry with Kix cereal and Nutrigrain bars. Kix tastes like cardboard spritzed with sugar water. In 2% milk, the thin coat of hope is rinsed off.

Alexandra Sandefur Long Reads Profile Spring 2018 Senior Show

WKU student connects with Chinese heritage

By Alexandra Sandefur

On almost any given Sunday afternoon during Angie Willemsen’s childhood, one could find her and her family at China One, a buffet-style Chinese restaurant in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Angie’s parents, who are Caucasian, started this tradition when Angie and her sister, both of whom are adopted from China, were very young.