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Bosnian-owned event venue brings community together

People crowd into and around La Gala, a Bosnian-owned event venue in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on March 3 for a Marija Šerifovic concert. 

By Olivia Mohr

Screaming people crowded around a stage at La Gala for Serbian singer Marija Šerifovic’s concert held there the night of March 3. Purple, blue and green lights shone from the stage. Phone screens flashed as people held them up to record the music on stage, and people waved their hands in the air and jumped up and down.

2017 Senior Show Feature Nicholas Wagner

In Mostly Latino Neighborhood, Fears of Deportation Linger

By Nicholas Wagner

A Bowling Green Police Department squad car crosses the tracks into a neighborhood known as Little Mexico on Saturday, May 6, 2016, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

2017 Senior Show Feature Long Reads Nicholas Wagner

For undocumented immigrant, traffic stop could be much more

By Nicholas Wagner

It was a typical Friday morning on April 7 for Diana Lopez, just another day driving her son, Donovan, to school in Nashville traffic. Lopez conversed with her son about his upcoming tests, while her short stature perked up to see over the hood of her friend’s car as she cut around backed-up traffic and into an opposing lane to proceed to the turn lane for Harding Place.

2017 Senior Show Anna Lawson Feature Long Reads

Brothers, from Saudi Arabia to WKU

By Anna Lawson

When Fares Al Huraibi was driving to the airport in Saudi Arabia in May of 2013 he felt like he was missing a piece of himself. He had been planning his move to the United States for some time, but leaving his family, especially his mother, was no easy task for the 20-year-old.

Katie Zdunek News Politics Quick Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

National and local perspectives: the rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes

By Katie Zdunek

Rafey Wahlah, a Pakistani international student at Western Kentucky University, said he and his roommates found a note on the door of their apartment calling them a racial slur and telling them to go home.

Helen Gibson Long Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

A changing city: examining Bowling Green’s growing refugee population

By Helen Gibson

It’s Tuesday, Nov. 9, the day that America elected Donald Trump its 45th president, and the Bowling Green office of the International Center of Kentucky is busy. The two story, red brick building on Kenton Street is filled with some of the United States’ newest residents — refugees from all over the world.

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Refugees form supportive community at Lee Pointe Condos

By Adam Sims

Mike Baker, maintenance man of Lee Pointe Condos, walks across the parking lot. One resident hands him a doorknob from her door, saying it’s broken, and Baker promises to fix it as soon as he can.