Emily DeLetter Feature Long Reads

Shelter from the Storm

By Emily DeLetter

The main gathering room of the Catholic Action Center is crowded. It’s Sunday, and more than 100 people are sitting and standing at various donated tables, chairs and couches around the room, waiting for the weekly meeting to begin.

2017 Senior Show Allison J. Call Feature Long Reads

A Home for Judy

By Allison J. Call

In the middle of a cold Kentucky winter while most were trying to stay warm, Judy Cardwell stole a bag of ice from a Kroger in Bowling Green. Police officers apprehended Judy and charged her with petty theft, but she never served any time.

2017 Senior Show James Line Long Reads

Flawed system for Kentucky’s mentally ill

By James Line

An unusually large snowfall had blanketed the small Kentucky town of Scottsville. On the night of Feb. 25, any patients at Scottsville Manor, a personal care home, were likely indoors, their right to walk the streets whenever they wanted to notwithstanding. Gary Glueck was one of them. In his eighth month at Scottsville Manor, Glueck was 71 years old on that icy night in February. The next morning he was dead.