James Humphrey Long Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

A History of Car Safety

By James Humphrey

Car crashes remain a leading cause of premature death, with 37,461 people being killed in crashes in the United States in 2016 – 1.18 per 100 million miles traveled. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car crashes are the leading cause of death for 16-24-year olds. But things used to be far worse. In 1966, the year the first federal motor vehicle safety standards were issued, the death toll was 50,894 – 5.50 per 100 million traveled. Had that death rate held in 2016, there would have been 174,606 deaths – nearly five times as many!

Feature Laryn Hilderbrandt Long Reads

Riverview: The house on the hill

By Laryn Hilderbrandt

The historic house stood on a rounded hill with a slim, autumn leaf-covered driveway looping around it. Christmas wreaths hung from the white double doors and green garland was draped over the railings. The red brick house was intentionally symmetric, reflecting the Italianate architecture. The outside was overgrown, weeds sprouting within the landscape. Light brown leaves affected by the late autumn chill littered the ground and paved path.

Feature Nicole Leonard Quick Reads

Revamping a community favorite

By Nicole Leonard

The neon lights above Bowling Green’s Capitol theater used to signify that a social event for the community and its guests lied just beyond the double doors of the building. Recently, though, those glowing letters gleam on a venue trying to establish a new name for itself.