Brandon Killian Feature Quick Reads

Boxing with Care: Daughter Finds Purpose Fighting Parkinson’s

By Brandon Killian

Jill Steffey has been around Parkinson’s Disease her whole life.

Long Reads Monica Kast Spring 2018 Senior Show

Tomorrow’s Woman helps out after mastectomy

By Monica Kast

After Bonnie Strode’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990 and had a mastectomy, they began shopping for post-mastectomy products, like mastectomy bras and prosthetic breasts. Strode and her mother soon discovered that there was nowhere to buy these products near their hometown, Owensboro, Kentucky and had to travel out of the state to find these products. Several years later, after visiting Confidently Yours, a mastectomy boutique in Champaign, Illinois, Strode was inspired to open one of her own.

Quick Reads Savannah Pennington

Nursing student found calling raising sick child

By Savannah Pennington

Two days after giving birth, Nicole Pendino watched as her son became stiff as a board and turned blue.

Alexus Furlong Long Reads

Kentucky leads nation in ADHD

By Alexus Furlong

Brenton Cox sits at a tall glass table in his grandmother’s kitchen. Bills, papers and cans of food are scattered in the room. It’s almost dinner time as he looks through his homework folder. His grandmother, Rhonda Parker, walks around the room in her pajamas as she prepares chicken pot pie. Brenton walks to his room and returns with a bag of toys that he places on top of his homework. He’s wearing a white Yo-Kai watch on his wrist, a toy that plays music when you insert plastic medals in it.

Ally Griggs Long Reads

Recovery: WKU student fighting for a healthy body, mind

By Ally Griggs

Seven. Zero. Zero. Start. Inside the microwave, a fairly large sweet potato sits centered on a revolving plate. Turning back to the stove, placing one hand around the arm of the skillet and using the other to grasp the spatula, 21-year-old Hillary Bacon watches thin traces of olive oil spit into the air surrounding her pan-seared chicken breast.