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Plant-based diets: trend or lifestyle?

By Autumn Wheeler

Hayley Burgett, an animal studies major at Eastern Kentucky University, decided to start pursuing veganism almost two years ago. Burgett said that what made her decide to start a plant-based diet was when she made the comparison between her pet dog, Finn, and animals that people consume.

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To Be Gluten Free or Not to Be

By Morgan Price

Kennedy Morillo, 21, recalls the first time she had a reaction after eating gluten.

Long Reads Profile Sille Veilmark Spring 2018 Senior Show

While we wait

By Sille Veilmark

David Brinkley, 49, is dressed in blue. His jumper is tangent to gray, his jeans are whiter on the knees, and the rubber along the sole of his running shoes is shining white. The shoes have no marks on them yet, and  they carry him back and forth to the sound of a running dishwasher in the kitchen of his home in Alvaton, Kentucky.

Amelia Epley Long Reads Small business Spring 2018 Senior Show Trend

Ayurveda in the West

Jenna Wolf, Nashville Ayurveda counselor and entrepreneur, suggests eating an easily digestible breakfast with garnishes like Ashwaganda Spiced Ghee that give the meal an added boost of antioxidants, healthy fats and many more digestive benefits. Recipe Courtesy of The Lotus Room. Photo Credit: Hannah Stalnaker.

By Amelia Epley

When an upscale boutique in trendy East Nashville hosts an event called “Managing Anxiety with Ayurveda,” they offer rosé.

Abby Potter Feature Long Reads

When I’m Healed

By Abby Potter

Beverly Carr, 53, writes down ingredients for a summertime fresh fruit smoothie. Her bony fingers click the mouse, and she opens a new recipe on Pinterest. She writes this down too, carefully copying every direction and organic ingredient.

Callie Miller Feature Long Reads Place story Spring 2018 Senior Show

A place of new beginnings

Story and Photos by Callie Miller

On the outskirts of Bowling Green, in a large but unassuming white barn with a dark green roof, the smell of manure is thick, but the sign promises “new beginnings.”

Feature Hannah McCarthy Long Reads Place story Spring 2018 Senior Show

Hope for Hemp: Cave City family sees future in new crop

By Hannah McCarthy

Just 2 miles outside of downtown Cave City, Kentucky, the landscape quickly turns from old brick and mortar to farmhouses and dirt roads. Down one such dirt road, a 45-acre plot of land rests nestled between patches of trees, large stretches of wildflowers and tall grasses. Two 2012 Clayton model mobile homes, an old red barn and a spattering of newer-looking structures dot the immense sea of green grass.

Feature Hannah McCarthy Long Reads Profile Spring 2018 Senior Show

Mind Over Medicine

By Hannah McCarthy

First, she checks the post-it notes on the bedside table, the headboard and the walls around her to remind her of the day’s tasks.

Emily DeLetter News Quick Reads

Demand for IUDs increases as women fear losing healthcare

By Emily DeLetter

Sarah Dolen has tried other forms of birth control before, but none are as effective as her IUD. The device’s convenience was a no-brainer.

2017 Senior Show John Reecer Long Reads

A Transplanted Purpose

By John Reecer

One by one, each student nervously walked up to the principal of Monroe County High School to receive their high school diploma. Their hearts and minds were full of countless emotions as their adult lives stretched out before them.