Long Reads Shelby Bruce

From the Hill to the Times

By Shelby Bruce

A small house that sits feet away from Eleventh Street Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky, holds remnants of memories for Nikita Stewart of her grandmother.

Quick Reads Savannah Pennington

Nursing student found calling raising sick child

By Savannah Pennington

Two days after giving birth, Nicole Pendino watched as her son became stiff as a board and turned blue.

Long Reads Tanner Cole

Kentucky’s Coal-Colored Climate Change Denial

By Tanner Cole

The sun is still rising, and the small front office of Trimble County High School is already crowded. There are 11 people standing in the building’s doorway, letting in the cool morning air. The Lady Raiders are the district and regional basketball champions, and now they’re shooting for the state title. These 11 folks are waiting to buy the last five available tickets to tomorrow’s basketball game, and some will be leaving unsatisfied. One woman reminds the office worker of all the times she volunteered to help with the cross-country team.