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Bosnian-owned event venue brings community together

People crowd into and around La Gala, a Bosnian-owned event venue in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on March 3 for a Marija Šerifovic concert. 

By Olivia Mohr

Screaming people crowded around a stage at La Gala for Serbian singer Marija Šerifovic’s concert held there the night of March 3. Purple, blue and green lights shone from the stage. Phone screens flashed as people held them up to record the music on stage, and people waved their hands in the air and jumped up and down.

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Parenting a parent: a daughter reflects on mother’s Alzheimer’s disease

By: Olivia Mohr

Cameron Lebedinsky remembers the first time she started to become concerned about her mother’s memory. She was at her mother’s house on Pepperidge Drive in Bowling Green, Kentucky, sometime between 2007 and 2008. Her mother, Winkie Huddleston, took Cameron to her backyard garden area to show her a new bench she had bought. Then, five or 10 minutes later, Winkie asked Cameron again if she wanted to see the bench.

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Love you forever: a mother survives after daughter’s suicide

By Srijita Chattopadhyay

It was a typical winter evening at the Hack household. Melanie Hack had just picked up her oldest daughter Reagan Harley Carter, 12, from a school basketball game. It was nearly half-past eight in the evening and Melanie was in the kitchen preparing supper. Everything seemed normal — perfect. Her youngest daughter, Zoey, 1, was fast asleep in the crib. Her step-daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Billy, had already left for their night shifts and her step-son Tyler was in the basement.

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Between two schools: High school life on a college campus

By Jamie Williams

Florence Schneider Hall’s limestone exterior sets it apart from the numerous red brick buildings on Western Kentucky University’s campus.

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Remembering Hopkinsville’s Peter Postell Building

Story and Photos by Jodi Camp

Flames reached 40 to 50 feet in the air as firefighters spent 12 hours trying to get the fire under control. Their worry was to keep the blaze from spreading to the rest of the businesses on the block.

2017 Senior Show Feature Jodi Camp Long Reads

Bird Dog: A Local Legend in Hopkinsville

Story and Photos by Jodi Camp

Walking down Main Street in Hopkinsville, an average looking man on the sidewalk has people honking and waving at him from their cars or stopping to get out of their cars to talk to him.

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Bosnia to Bowling Green: Finding a Place to Call Home

By Emma Austin

Every time she enters her Bowling Green home, Gina Dzelil stops to take off her shoes and sees a framed photograph hanging on the wall above her alarm system control panel.

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Time Stands Still in Tompkinsville: Community Votes to Remain Dry

By John Reecer

It’s a typical Sunday afternoon and, just like any other day in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, there aren’t too many cars on the roads.

By Andrew Critchelow Quick Reads

‘Lost River Sessions’ highlights music scene

By Andrew Critchelow

WKU students have helped make “The Lost River Sessions” on Western Kentucky University’s PBS station an award-winning series that showcases regional musicians at local venues.

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Tomorrow’s Woman helps out after mastectomy

By Monica Kast

After Bonnie Strode’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990 and had a mastectomy, they began shopping for post-mastectomy products, like mastectomy bras and prosthetic breasts. Strode and her mother soon discovered that there was nowhere to buy these products near their hometown, Owensboro, Kentucky and had to travel out of the state to find these products. Several years later, after visiting Confidently Yours, a mastectomy boutique in Champaign, Illinois, Strode was inspired to open one of her own.