Feature Long Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

Love you forever: a mother survives after daughter’s suicide

By Srijita Chattopadhyay

It was a typical winter evening at the Hack household. Melanie Hack had just picked up her oldest daughter Reagan Harley Carter, 12, from a school basketball game. It was nearly half-past eight in the evening and Melanie was in the kitchen preparing supper. Everything seemed normal — perfect. Her youngest daughter, Zoey, 1, was fast asleep in the crib. Her step-daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Billy, had already left for their night shifts and her step-son Tyler was in the basement.

Emily DeLetter News Quick Reads

Demand for IUDs increases as women fear losing healthcare

By Emily DeLetter

Sarah Dolen has tried other forms of birth control before, but none are as effective as her IUD. The device’s convenience was a no-brainer.

Brittiny Moore Long Reads

Sinkholes present an unregulated risk in Bowling Green

By Brittiny Moore

Just over two years ago, on Feb. 12, 2014, the floor of the Corvette Museum Skydome collapsed into an underlying cave system, creating a 30-foot deep sinkhole and swallowing eight corvettes.  

Leah Brown Long Reads

Families divided by high rate of women in Kentucky prisons

By Leah Brown

Mary Thomas-Spears sits cross-legged on her family room floor with an American Spirit cigarette in one hand and a black lighter in the other. The sunlight peaks through the window illuminating her aged face. She holds her cigarette between her first two fingers, ignites the tip, then takes a deep inhale while she tries to recall the last time she talked to her son. It’s been almost five months, she says as tears begin to fill her eyes.

Kae Holloway Long Reads Top Post

Kentucky lacks college degrees, ranks low in adult education

By Kae Holloway

The clock ticked to 3 p.m. on a cool Saturday afternoon. Bradley Moore’s room door in his grandparents’ basement remained shut, a sign that he was still sleeping despite the late hour. It isn’t until closer to dinner time that he emerges, saying little between bites until he retreats back to his room where he’ll spend the rest of the evening playing video games.

Alexus Furlong Long Reads

Kentucky leads nation in ADHD

By Alexus Furlong

Brenton Cox sits at a tall glass table in his grandmother’s kitchen. Bills, papers and cans of food are scattered in the room. It’s almost dinner time as he looks through his homework folder. His grandmother, Rhonda Parker, walks around the room in her pajamas as she prepares chicken pot pie. Brenton walks to his room and returns with a bag of toys that he places on top of his homework. He’s wearing a white Yo-Kai watch on his wrist, a toy that plays music when you insert plastic medals in it.

Long Reads Tanner Cole

Kentucky’s Coal-Colored Climate Change Denial

By Tanner Cole

The sun is still rising, and the small front office of Trimble County High School is already crowded. There are 11 people standing in the building’s doorway, letting in the cool morning air. The Lady Raiders are the district and regional basketball champions, and now they’re shooting for the state title. These 11 folks are waiting to buy the last five available tickets to tomorrow’s basketball game, and some will be leaving unsatisfied. One woman reminds the office worker of all the times she volunteered to help with the cross-country team.

Eric Zimmer Long Reads Top Post

Professional game developers struggle to turn profit

By Eric Zimmer

It’s about six in the evening, and a group of high school freshmen were at a Chipotle close to school after band practice. They’re clustered together, noses buried in their phones as they go back and forth about the new apps they’ve discovered.