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Single mothers pave way for their children

By Ebony Cox

Angel Shoemake, 25, of Bowling Green was not always a single parent and didn’t always attend Western Kentucky University.

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Family Scholar Houses change single parents’ lives

By Erian Bradley

A 21-year-old college student is sitting on her couch in her apartment reading her accounting textbook

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Love you forever: a mother survives after daughter’s suicide

By Srijita Chattopadhyay

It was a typical winter evening at the Hack household. Melanie Hack had just picked up her oldest daughter Reagan Harley Carter, 12, from a school basketball game. It was nearly half-past eight in the evening and Melanie was in the kitchen preparing supper. Everything seemed normal — perfect. Her youngest daughter, Zoey, 1, was fast asleep in the crib. Her step-daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Billy, had already left for their night shifts and her step-son Tyler was in the basement.

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High school for refugees and immigrants ends first year

By Tyger Williams

Outside the corner of Warren Central High School is the round annex building; inside are the many international and refugee students of Geo International High School.

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Bridging the gap: An examination of the achievement gap in education

By Skyler Ballard

Hallways are abnormally empty during the last week of classes at Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School as testing commences. Sharpened pencils and test packets lay in wait on desks. The small black lines of a barcode in the corner of the packet translate into students’ defining characteristics: name, age, race, socioeconomic status, test score.

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Human trafficking: awareness fuels increased reports in Kentucky

By Nicole Ziege

Vicki Patterson, 5, poses for a picture in her home. Used with permission from Vicki Patterson.When Vicki Patterson was 3 years old, she said her mother bought her a brand new pair of pink underwear. These new “panties,” as Patterson called them, were meant for her to wear for child pornography.

While Patterson’s father was working, Patterson said, her mother took her to motor courts and motels by

the river where mats were laid out on the floor and large studio lights were set up for photography. It was at these locations where, Patterson said, she was sexually assaulted and abused by men.

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Between two schools: High school life on a college campus

By Jamie Williams

Florence Schneider Hall’s limestone exterior sets it apart from the numerous red brick buildings on Western Kentucky University’s campus.

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Warren County teacher diversity stands out in Kentucky

By Hunter Frint

Warren County Public Schools has been hiring minorities at a higher rate than the Kentucky state average in recent years in order to diversify its teachers.

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Kentucky lacks college degrees, ranks low in adult education

By Kae Holloway

The clock ticked to 3 p.m. on a cool Saturday afternoon. Bradley Moore’s room door in his grandparents’ basement remained shut, a sign that he was still sleeping despite the late hour. It isn’t until closer to dinner time that he emerges, saying little between bites until he retreats back to his room where he’ll spend the rest of the evening playing video games.

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Kentucky leads nation in ADHD

By Alexus Furlong

Brenton Cox sits at a tall glass table in his grandmother’s kitchen. Bills, papers and cans of food are scattered in the room. It’s almost dinner time as he looks through his homework folder. His grandmother, Rhonda Parker, walks around the room in her pajamas as she prepares chicken pot pie. Brenton walks to his room and returns with a bag of toys that he places on top of his homework. He’s wearing a white Yo-Kai watch on his wrist, a toy that plays music when you insert plastic medals in it.