Jessica Voorhees Spring 2018 Senior Show

Reclaiming ‘Paradise’

Land, Legacy and Promise in Post-Coal Kentucky

By Jessica Voorhees

In the soft, golden light of an early-evening sun, an elk flinches and hides its head behind spindly brush. The elk’s mangy, chestnut coat blends in with the surrounding landscape of browns tinged in green from a late start to spring.

2017 Senior Show Jacob Dick Long Reads

Unbridled: A story of Kentucky’s forgotten recreational horses

By Jacob Dick

The drive into Breathitt County can take a while from the western side of Kentucky, or at least the scenery makes it feel that way. Driving on the Hal Rogers Parkway for 59 miles at an incline with wooded hills on either side has a way of distorting time. The same smattering of oaks, elms, and the occasional pine welcome drivers at a slight angle as they climb the hills into coal country.

Long Reads Mollie Moore

Community still recovering 15 years after environmental disaster

By Mollie Moore

Abraham Chapman started Oct. 11, 2000 like he does most fall days. Planning to go bow hunting, he woke up around 4 a.m. and was out of the house, driving up the road on his four-wheeler before daybreak.