Bosnian Community Bosnians in BG Emma Austin Feature Long Reads

Bosnia to Bowling Green: Finding a Place to Call Home

By Emma Austin

Every time she enters her Bowling Green home, Gina Dzelil stops to take off her shoes and sees a framed photograph hanging on the wall above her alarm system control panel.

Hunter Frint Quick Reads

WKU alum is youngest Commission candidate

By Hunter Frint

The 2016 election for City Commissioner includes a fresh face — Nathan “Nate” Morguelan, a WKU alum who is the youngest candidate in the race as he makes his debut in Bowling Green politics.

Long Reads Shelby Bruce

From the Hill to the Times

By Shelby Bruce

A small house that sits feet away from Eleventh Street Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky, holds remnants of memories for Nikita Stewart of her grandmother.

Alexandria Clark Bosnian Community Bosnians in BG Long Reads

Hijab boutique is American dream

By Alexandria Clark

A small white building sits beside Hobby Town on Russellville Road. Inside, Emina Hotilovac sits in an elegant gray fringed chair. Her small boutique is filled with jewelry, clothing, and various pieces representing her Muslim culture. A large rack of clothing stands across from her small desk.