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Parents in Rural Kentucky Struggle to Help Their Foster Sons

By Morgan Hornsby

As dusk approaches, two brothers race their scooters from the tree to the back of their dad’s truck bed. The youngest of the two, Alex, wears a diaper while he tries to mimic his brother’s quick steps and easy glide. A shirtless Dawson does not let up. From her spot on the porch, their mother quips that only together would they have a complete outfit. She brings out extra clothing and jackets, preparing her boys for the cool air that marks the last minutes of playtime on their rural Kentucky farm.

Essays Katie Zdunek personal narrative

How I Met My Mother

By Katie Zdunek

My childhood was periodically sugar-free. Sporadic impulses led Mom to purge the house of junk food, disfiguring the pantry with Kix cereal and Nutrigrain bars. Kix tastes like cardboard spritzed with sugar water. In 2% milk, the thin coat of hope is rinsed off.

2017 Senior Show Feature Katie Roberts Quick Reads

Finding Family

By Katie Roberts

Kendra, 15, of Bowling Green, Kentucky dialed 911 on New Year’s Eve of 2014. She said her parents were drinking more than usual and a fight arose between her mother and father. That night, Kendra and her younger sister, Caitlin, 10, were taken out of their home and placed in the foster system.