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King of Hearts

Ethan Cale performs a card trick to promote the custom playing card company he hopes to start. Ethan, 20, learned card and magic tricks after a heart condition left him unable to participate in sports and hungry for a new passion. (Cale Card Co. via

 By Chris DiMeo

A two of spades flutters loftily through the air, then dives into Ethan Cale’s hand like a slam dunk into a basketball hoop.

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A ‘best’ friendship ends and a prison sentence begins

By Emma Collins

Peter Gall stood in the Warren County Justice Center courtroom on Nov. 19 — a little more than a year after shooting to death his best friend Alex Davis.

Dressed in a khaki suit with combed-back hair, Gall barely resembled the red-faced, drunken 21-year-old in the mugshot taken only hours after he fired a shotgun into Davis, killing him in the early morning hours of Sept. 3, 2017.

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Loid’s Legacy: High School Program Promotes Service

By Cejay Moore

Lindsey Houchin, 26, welcomes in her newspaper class then points to the back of the room, “Kyle, what’s been the best part of your day?” Houchin says.

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Bowling Green residents react to confederate statue removal

By Abby Potter

As passerbys hustled about their days, Walter Wilkerson, 77, sat with his thoughts in the crisp September air.

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How To Survive A Car Crash

By James Humphrey

Summer is approaching, and with it comes warm weather, vacations, and summer break. But there’s a dark side to summer: according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), summer is the deadliest season for car crashes.

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Photojournalism is paid adventure, speaker says

(Editor’s note: This story was produced in the Fall 2013 semester.)

By Allyson Beasecker

A renowned photographer stood in front of aspiring journalists and showed them a glimpse of what 20 years in the journalism industry looks like.