By Andrew Critchelow Quick Reads

‘Lost River Sessions’ highlights music scene

By Andrew Critchelow

WKU students have helped make “The Lost River Sessions” on Western Kentucky University’s PBS station an award-winning series that showcases regional musicians at local venues.

Hunter Frint Quick Reads

WKU alum is youngest Commission candidate

By Hunter Frint

The 2016 election for City Commissioner includes a fresh face — Nathan “Nate” Morguelan, a WKU alum who is the youngest candidate in the race as he makes his debut in Bowling Green politics.

Quick Reads Savannah Pennington

Nursing student found calling raising sick child

By Savannah Pennington

Two days after giving birth, Nicole Pendino watched as her son became stiff as a board and turned blue.

Abby Ponder Quick Reads

Finding a home at Trendy Me

By Abby Ponder

When Susan Simmons receives a new shipment of clothes at the Trendy Me boutique in Glasgow, Kentucky, she instantly reaches out to her customers. She’ll pull out her phone, snap a quick picture or two, and send a message.

Lauren Nolan Quick Reads

Q&A with Sheriff Jerry ‘Peanuts’ Gaines

By Lauren Nolan

Lifelong Warren County resident Jerry “Peanuts” Gaines has been the Bowling Green Sheriff for 35 years. Prior to that, he was a Warren County magistrate. In 2010, Gaines was chosen National Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA). He was also President of the NSA in 2000 and 2001.

Giorgi Meyer Quick Reads Top Post

Novo Dolce diversifies local culinary scene

By Giorgi Meyer

Recent years have experienced a rise of a new culinary trend, the gastro pubs.

Nicole Ares Quick Reads

Legislators, activists push for statewide adoption of URLTA

By Nicole Ares

Hunter Boyd, an undergraduate student at Western Kentucky University, found his current apartment on Craigslist. After transferring from the University of Kentucky mid-semester, he felt lucky to find an apartment with a six-month lease in Bowling Green.

Naomi Driessnack Quick Reads

Brunch is served at White Squirrel Brewery

By Naomi Driessnack

There isn’t a wait for a seat, but the place is mostly full and its conversations are getting loud. The room smells of cinnamon and pepper. Soft light from an overcast sky fills the room from a glass roll-up garage door. It’s Sunday brunch at the White Squirrel Brewery, and in between cooking meals and managing the kitchen staff, Chef Hannah Coffey visits tables to talk about the meal the customer just finished eating.

Jessica Voorhees Quick Reads

Unconventional candidate for governor promotes weed legalization

By Jessica Voorhees

Long white locks, nails painted black and white, and giant rock star sunglasses on a smiling, weathered face characterize an unconventional gubernatorial candidate with an unconventional name: Blackii Effing Whyte.