Feature Quick Reads Skyler Ballard

Growing Together

By Skyler Ballard

After long hours of working in the fields, Drew Snider stretches and hops down off his tractor and heads toward the barn. His wife, Laney, greets him with a wide smile and a handful of flowers to deliver to a customer’s car.

Feature Profile Quick Reads Skyler Ballard

It Started With Soccer

By Skyler Ballard

The boys of the Bowling Green Projects United soccer team huddle in a corner of the field before their game. Their coach, Daniel Tarnagda, opens a box of brand new uniforms and passes them out. The boys hold them up, excited about the small Democratic Republic of Congo flag embroidered onto the chest of the jerseys.

Bosnians in BG Erian Bradley Feature Quick Reads

A Taste of the United States

By Erian Bradley

Many families have come to America hoping to find better opportunities and a better life. Sefika Varajic, and her family were one of those families.

Evan Heichelbech Feature Quick Reads Trend

‘Not just about books’: Warren County library serves as millennial hotspot

By Evan Heichelbech

The first downward dog should be felt in the shoulders. It’s meant to push the world away. The ujjayi breathing has two components: inhaling keeps the heart open, exhaling is a reminder of your bones beneath you to keep you grounded.

Feature James Humphrey Quick Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

The Corvette Museum – A Car Enthusiast’s Dream

An entrance to the Corvette Museum.

By James Humphrey

Before you step through the doors of the National Corvette Museum, you know that this is a haven for car enthusiasts. A conspicuous yellow dome is designed to evoke the taillight of the Corvette Stingray. Vintage Corvettes sit out front; the signs on their windshields advertise rides for $20. The crossed flags in the logo evoke racing.

Feature Lillie Eastham Quick Reads

The Wild World of Waz

By Lillie Eastham

On most nights, Waz Blankenship, 62, can be found in his basement, surrounded by 10,000 of his favorite records and the painted faces of dead and tortured artists.

Kaitlyn Craft News Quick Reads

Marijuana a solution for Kentucky’s pension crisis?

By Kaitlyn Craft

For Heather Mendez, 38 of Glasgow, the pension crisis in Kentucky hits close to home with her brother being a teacher at Grapevine Elementary School in Madisonville, Kentucky.

Feature Nicole Leonard Quick Reads

Revamping a community favorite

By Nicole Leonard

The neon lights above Bowling Green’s Capitol theater used to signify that a social event for the community and its guests lied just beyond the double doors of the building. Recently, though, those glowing letters gleam on a venue trying to establish a new name for itself.

Quick Reads Yasmine Sadrinia

Debating Marijuana in Kentucky

By Yasmine Sadrinia

In the lobby of a crowded doctors office, Lisa Howard, a 53-year-old waitress from Bardstown, is patiently awaiting her appointment with her eye doctor.

Erian Bradley Feature Quick Reads

Family Scholar Houses change single parents’ lives

By Erian Bradley

A 21-year-old college student is sitting on her couch in her apartment reading her accounting textbook