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Groceries on the go for Bowling Green’s food deserts

By Samantha Mallon

BOWLING GREEN — A green-and-white clad school bus-turned-grocery store joined Bowling Green’s weekday traffic at the beginning of March, thanks to the work of staff at the Housing Authority of Bowling Green.

The bus, donated by Warren County Public Schools, carries cargo far different from that of most school buses. In an effort to relieve the struggles faced by the city’s low-income residents who live in food deserts, this bus has been refurbished into the Housing Authority’s Mobile Grocery Store, which is especially utilized by elderly and disabled residents, said Lori Richey, the authority’s elderly and disabled service coordinator.

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Emotional support animals provide variety of benefits for WKU students

By Jake Dresman

WKU senior Hailee Bernard says the struggle of owning a dog on campus is worth it because her strong bond with her dog, Beverly, forces her to get out of bed in mornings when she might not have otherwise, giving her a purpose in times of need.

The number of support animals on has increased on college campuses nationwide as more students experience emotional stress, according to US Health News.

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Answering Faith’s Call

By Mackenzie Montross

The quaint, white house that sits between Student Publications and the Confucius Institute can often be overlooked by those passing by.

Katelyn Latture Quick Reads

A Labor of Love

By Katelyn Latture

Wedding planner Lydia Petersen knows what it’s like to find a great love. Perhaps that is why she loves her job so much. She gets to send off happy couples on a lifetime journey.

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Stand Up and Cheer with The Red Towel Guy

By Morgan Reagle

“The Red Towel Guy.”

When asked what his name was, those were the words from soon-to-be Western Kentucky University grad Brendan Ward. His answer was uniquely based on how other people would identify him, not his birth name.

And he’s OK with being the nameless Hilltopper sports fanatic. In fact, he relishes it.

Enterprise Story Feature Lora Sparks Profile Quick Reads

Love as steady as a rock

By Lora Sparks

Larry Cushenberry, 74, is a retired health teacher who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease six years ago. The disease affects his posture, walk, balance, and hand movement.

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Loid’s Legacy: High School Program Promotes Service

By Cejay Moore

Lindsey Houchin, 26, welcomes in her newspaper class then points to the back of the room, “Kyle, what’s been the best part of your day?” Houchin says.

Autumn Wheeler Enterprise Story Feature Quick Reads Trend

Plant-based diets: trend or lifestyle?

By Autumn Wheeler

Hayley Burgett, an animal studies major at Eastern Kentucky University, decided to start pursuing veganism almost two years ago. Burgett said that what made her decide to start a plant-based diet was when she made the comparison between her pet dog, Finn, and animals that people consume.

Enterprise Story Morgan Price Quick Reads Trend

To Be Gluten Free or Not to Be

By Morgan Price

Kennedy Morillo, 21, recalls the first time she had a reaction after eating gluten.

Enterprise Story Feature Katelyn Latture Profile Quick Reads

Pursue Your Dreams: Eli’s Story

By Katelyn Latture

Most of his weekdays are spent working as a greeter supervisor for the Graves-Gilbert Clinic, but Elijah Norwood, 25, finds his real purpose and passion in art.