Emma Collins Feature Long Reads Profile

Employee who viewed workplace as family loses job

By Emma Collins

Autumn Jarvis knew she was about to be fired when she received an email from her director on March 7 asking Jarvis to meet with her in her director’s office in 15 minutes.

Amelia Brett Feature Long Reads Profile

Culture and spirituality: Temple provides community for Cambodian Buddhists

By Amelia Brett

Thyda Freiberger slipped off her shoes with ease beside the door before entering her family’s temple. A short line of sandals sat next to hers on the front porch. Her black hair hung down her back in a long braid. After walking into the room, she bowed three times to pay respect in front of a large statue of Buddha. With rose red curtains tied back, sunlight reflected on ornamental golden leaves in front of decorative lotus flowers and a light pink box with the word “donation” painted on it in crimson letters. The Buddha’s face shone with closed eyes and a soft smile. The room was silent, except for the sound of Freiberger’s small daughter running around in socks and stopping to carefully pick up an incense stick.

Long Reads Nicole Zeige Profile

From Child Bride to Advocate

By Nicole Ziege

Seated at a small table at Fantes Coffee, a quiet coffee shop on Grinstead Drive in Louisville, is Donna Pollard, now 34. Wearing a blouse covered in a pattern of small flowers, with her layered shoulder-length red hair draped over dangling hoop earrings, she drinks an iced chai latte. She just got out of an adult acting class, which she said she started taking to help her with her public speaking.

Feature Long Reads Profile Spring 2018 Senior Show Srijita Chattopadhyay

Rising from the ashes

By Srijita Chattopadhyay

The walls of faded blue were plastered with posters of bands and TV shows, from Panic at the Disco to Supernatural. The smell of rich sandalwood filled the air inside the room. A heap of colorful stuffed animals were piled in a corner. A small Zen fountain gurgled on a bookstand next to a blue-orange wristband that read “We are Marshall Strong.”

Feature Jennifer King Long Reads Profile

Reaching for the stars

By Jennifer King

On Aug. 21, 2017, Alicia Edds woke with her heart pounding.

Evan Heichelbech Long Reads Profile

Splitting a Family: A Scientology Story

By Evan Heichelbech

Judging by the inside of Danni Peck’s apartment in Bowling Green, she’s a happy person. She even says she is.

Feature Profile Quick Reads Skyler Ballard

It Started With Soccer

By Skyler Ballard

The boys of the Bowling Green Projects United soccer team huddle in a corner of the field before their game. Their coach, Daniel Tarnagda, opens a box of brand new uniforms and passes them out. The boys hold them up, excited about the small Democratic Republic of Congo flag embroidered onto the chest of the jerseys.

Feature Hannah McCarthy Long Reads Profile Spring 2018 Senior Show

Mind Over Medicine

By Hannah McCarthy

First, she checks the post-it notes on the bedside table, the headboard and the walls around her to remind her of the day’s tasks.

Alexandra Sandefur Long Reads Profile Spring 2018 Senior Show

WKU student connects with Chinese heritage

By Alexandra Sandefur

On almost any given Sunday afternoon during Angie Willemsen’s childhood, one could find her and her family at China One, a buffet-style Chinese restaurant in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Angie’s parents, who are Caucasian, started this tradition when Angie and her sister, both of whom are adopted from China, were very young.