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Hijab boutique is American dream

By Alexandria Clark

A small white building sits beside Hobby Town on Russellville Road. Inside, Emina Hotilovac sits in an elegant gray fringed chair. Her small boutique is filled with jewelry, clothing, and various pieces representing her Muslim culture. A large rack of clothing stands across from her small desk.

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Legalizing alcohol sales divides Russell County residents

By Jacob Dick

Every September, Lake Cumberland Poker Run brings a surge of boaters to the docks and marinas of Russell County, Kentucky. Spectators and competitors alike crowd the concrete boat ramp with trucks and bright-colored power boats to load supplies and cases of beer aboard to take across the lake.

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Community still recovering 15 years after environmental disaster

By Mollie Moore

Abraham Chapman started Oct. 11, 2000 like he does most fall days. Planning to go bow hunting, he woke up around 4 a.m. and was out of the house, driving up the road on his four-wheeler before daybreak.

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Professional game developers struggle to turn profit

By Eric Zimmer

It’s about six in the evening, and a group of high school freshmen were at a Chipotle close to school after band practice. They’re clustered together, noses buried in their phones as they go back and forth about the new apps they’ve discovered.

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The Move Toward Her Dreams

By Shantel-Ann Pettway

Tears of defeat were flowing through Lauren Cunningham’s fingers as she explained to her mother figure, Lynne Holland, how she’d lost sight of her vision when she lost her dream job in 2009. In hopes to comfort her colleague and friend, Lynne, a co-worker at Housing and Residence Life at the time, leaned up from her chair and pushed a box of tissues to the edge of her desk as she gave Lauren counsel.