Casey McCarthy Long Reads News Politics Spring 2018 Senior Show

WKU Students Rent Without Protection

By Casey McCarthy

Courtney Thompson, a senior at Western Kentucky University, was having a birthday party for a pair of friends at her house in October 2016. All night, people complained that the toilets were taking forever to flush in her house on Ogden Avenue in Bowling Green. Thompson brushed the  comments off and chalked them up to her house being old. She and her roommates were going to bed that night when they heard running water.

Kaitlyn Craft News Quick Reads

Marijuana a solution for Kentucky’s pension crisis?

By Kaitlyn Craft

For Heather Mendez, 38 of Glasgow, the pension crisis in Kentucky hits close to home with her brother being a teacher at Grapevine Elementary School in Madisonville, Kentucky.

Long Reads News Olivia Mohr

Domestic Violence Shelters Struggle to Meet Needs

By Olivia Mohr

Domestic violence shelters in Kentucky and nationwide are struggling to meet a growing need for services.

Mhari Shaw News Quick Reads

Raising awareness about autism

By Mhari Shaw

Bedtime routines commence around 7:30 p.m. at the Millet household. Allison, husband Rodgie and son Ross participate in 10-year-old Owens nightly routine. For children with autism, routine holds an important meaning in daily life.

News Quick Reads Skyler Ballard

Bridging the gap: An examination of the achievement gap in education

By Skyler Ballard

Hallways are abnormally empty during the last week of classes at Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School as testing commences. Sharpened pencils and test packets lay in wait on desks. The small black lines of a barcode in the corner of the packet translate into students’ defining characteristics: name, age, race, socioeconomic status, test score.

Katie Zdunek News Politics Quick Reads Spring 2018 Senior Show

National and local perspectives: the rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes

By Katie Zdunek

Rafey Wahlah, a Pakistani international student at Western Kentucky University, said he and his roommates found a note on the door of their apartment calling them a racial slur and telling them to go home.

Emily DeLetter News Quick Reads

Demand for IUDs increases as women fear losing healthcare

By Emily DeLetter

Sarah Dolen has tried other forms of birth control before, but none are as effective as her IUD. The device’s convenience was a no-brainer.

Casey McCarthy Long Reads News

PTSD Affects Veterans Long After Combat

By Casey McCarthy

(Photo courtesy of Jeff Reece) Jeff Reece pictured with his unit, Task Force 134, in Iraq while deployed in 2006.

When Jeff Reece first came home to Metcalfe County, Kentucky, after 11 months in Iraq, he thought everything would be the same.

Courtney Sherrill News Quick Reads

‘Trump & Truth’ Lecture Addresses Threats to Press Freedom

By Courtney Sherrill

The relationship between presidential administrations and the media has never been one of comradery, regardless of party affiliation.