Feature Meredith Neltner

Python Perfect

WKU student thinks outside the box with her new pet

By Meredith Neltner

McCall Ponzer

After two years in the dorm, it was finally time for McCall Ponzer to move into her first apartment and more importantly, get her first pet. It couldn’t be a boring, high-maintenance pet.
It needed to be interesting, yet easy to take care of despite her busy lifestyle.

“I saw one of my high school friends post a picture of her snake on Snapchat, and I thought it was so cute. That’s when I decided to do some deeper research,” Ponzer said.

Turns out ball pythons are gentle snakes who require feeding once a week. For someone who describes themselves as irresponsible, like Ponzer, this seems more manageable than a more high-maintenance pet like a dog or a cat.