2017 Senior Show

A Mennonite man and his family straddle the past and the future

Reuben Habegger shuns technology, reads the Bible every day, and his beard reaches his chest. Even though he lives a throwback-life in a modern world, he worries about the future.

Photos and story

by Rasmus Straka

2017 Senior Show Sofie Mathiassen

The Lost Postcards of Ms. Martha

(Editor’s note: In September 2018, Sofie Mathiassen, a student from Denmark, was assigned a feature profile of someone local in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area. Her search for ideas led her to a local consignment store where she read through baskets of paper ephemera. There she found a series of postcards addressed to a woman named “Martha.”What followed was Sofie’s quest to find Martha and reconstruct how her correspondence had landed in a store. Sofie’s story reveals a life lived in full and memories claimed and unclaimed by dementia.)

Photos and story

by Sofie Mathiassen

2017 Senior Show Feature Nicholas Wagner

In Mostly Latino Neighborhood, Fears of Deportation Linger

By Nicholas Wagner

A Bowling Green Police Department squad car crosses the tracks into a neighborhood known as Little Mexico on Saturday, May 6, 2016, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

2017 Senior Show Feature Long Reads Nicholas Wagner

For undocumented immigrant, traffic stop could be much more

By Nicholas Wagner

It was a typical Friday morning on April 7 for Diana Lopez, just another day driving her son, Donovan, to school in Nashville traffic. Lopez conversed with her son about his upcoming tests, while her short stature perked up to see over the hood of her friend’s car as she cut around backed-up traffic and into an opposing lane to proceed to the turn lane for Harding Place.

2017 Senior Show Anna Lawson Feature Long Reads

Brothers, from Saudi Arabia to WKU

By Anna Lawson

When Fares Al Huraibi was driving to the airport in Saudi Arabia in May of 2013 he felt like he was missing a piece of himself. He had been planning his move to the United States for some time, but leaving his family, especially his mother, was no easy task for the 20-year-old.

2017 Senior Show Feature Katie Roberts Quick Reads

Finding Family

By Katie Roberts

Kendra, 15, of Bowling Green, Kentucky dialed 911 on New Year’s Eve of 2014. She said her parents were drinking more than usual and a fight arose between her mother and father. That night, Kendra and her younger sister, Caitlin, 10, were taken out of their home and placed in the foster system.

2017 Senior Show Allison J. Call Feature Long Reads

A Home for Judy

By Allison J. Call

In the middle of a cold Kentucky winter while most were trying to stay warm, Judy Cardwell stole a bag of ice from a Kroger in Bowling Green. Police officers apprehended Judy and charged her with petty theft, but she never served any time.

2017 Senior Show Feature Jamie Williams Long Reads

Between two schools: High school life on a college campus

By Jamie Williams

Florence Schneider Hall’s limestone exterior sets it apart from the numerous red brick buildings on Western Kentucky University’s campus.

2017 Senior Show Bryson Keltner Essays


By Bryson Keltner

I stepped on to the hot, busy streets to the sound of car horns and Arabic.

2017 Senior Show James Line Long Reads

Flawed system for Kentucky’s mentally ill

By James Line

An unusually large snowfall had blanketed the small Kentucky town of Scottsville. On the night of Feb. 25, any patients at Scottsville Manor, a personal care home, were likely indoors, their right to walk the streets whenever they wanted to notwithstanding. Gary Glueck was one of them. In his eighth month at Scottsville Manor, Glueck was 71 years old on that icy night in February. The next morning he was dead.