Jessica Voorhees Quick Reads

Unconventional candidate for governor promotes weed legalization

By Jessica Voorhees

Long white locks, nails painted black and white, and giant rock star sunglasses on a smiling, weathered face characterize an unconventional gubernatorial candidate with an unconventional name: Blackii Effing Whyte.

Kyle Williams Long Reads Sports

That’s the ticket: Section 105, Row F, Seat 1.

By Kyle Williams

The man walks into a basketball arena on a cold, early-November night while the home team gears up for its lone exhibition game of the young season.

Allyson Beasecker Uncategorized

Photojournalism is paid adventure, speaker says

(Editor’s note: This story was produced in the Fall 2013 semester.)

By Allyson Beasecker

A renowned photographer stood in front of aspiring journalists and showed them a glimpse of what 20 years in the journalism industry looks like.

Long Reads Taylor Harrison

Law to shield student privacy is often misused, critics say

By Taylor Harrison

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act became law in 1974 and required schools to enforce policies to protect the privacy of students’ education records.